Can you accommodate Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegetarian or Allergies?

Yes! We can accommodate most food allergies including dairy, shellfish, nuts, gluten and vegetarian.  

Is there a non-alcoholic option?

Yes, but it's the same price. We will include a non-alcoholic beverage at each restaurants. 

Can you select the food?

No. Part of the fun is not knowing what you'll eat. You just have to trust us:) 

Will I be full after the tour?

Yes, but not uncomfortably. The  tour is well paced with a good size dish at each restaurants. Most men with normal appetite are quite satisfied after the tour. 

Do you cater to corporate parties or do private tours?

Absolutely! It's the perfect idea for a staff party, bachelor or stagette party, birthdays, anniversaries.... We do it all and can customize it just for you. 

How much walking is it? Do you take people with disabilities?

It's very little walking, with less then 2 blocks between restaurants. People using a cane or walker will be fine in summer, although note that we may encounter some snowy sidewalks during winter. The tour is feasible in a wheelchair as well if the person is assisted. There are 3 steps to climb at one of the restaurants.